El Cruce

In La Venta El Cruce do not miss the Pava Borracha(Drunken Turkey) a full menu with three courses:Sopa de menudillos (Liver soup), Caldo con pelota (broth with meat balls) and the Cocido, cheak peas with the turkey meat.

Medium price: 30 Euros
Address: Camino de Catral, 156
Phone: (+34) 965 70 03 56

El Buey

Simple and home made meals well cooked and using prime quality food.Fish little pies, artichoke and foeie ravioli, excellent stone made meat. Good range of wines.

Medium price: 35 Euros
Address: C/ La Reina, 94
Phone: (+34) 966 78 15 93

Los Quincenos

Home made food with prime quality ingredients. Specialized in broth with meat balls and a variety of rices where rabbit and snails rice is a must. Daily menu at competitive prices.

Medium price: 25 Euros
Address: Plaza del León, 9
Phone: (+34) 966 71 43 52